Print lamination

Lamination with a solid laminate

Suitable for films and digital printing lamination, which can later be applied on boards, foams, banners, acrylic boards and other materials. The laminator works in a dry system, the roller is pressed pneumatically to the substrate, so that the material is stable to be applied on. The positioning is under full control.

By laminating we can protect the self-adhesive foil, paper, photographs, foam boards and display stands.

The laminate width is up to 160 cm.

Lamination with a liquid laminate

Liquid laminate, protects the printout against mechanical damage, dampness and stains. Recommended in cases when the laminated materials are planned to be used in places exposed to the above factors.

Shop and office windows covering

We print and design One Way Vision foils perfect for shop windows. This type window films are suitable to use the window surface which is empty and useless. One way vision foils are visible outside but let the light in the store. Their perforated structure makes the interiors only a little darker. Window film is a great idea to use the glass surface become a great advertisement.

The most commonly used material is the OWV foil, which has many advantages:

  • clarity inside-out
  • photographic print quality
  • resistance to weather conditions
  • full color printing

Vehicle wrapping

Car wrapping is a the most cost-effective advertising metod.

The print on the film is of a highest photographic quality, resistant to weather conditions.

Wrapping is perfect for:

  • cars and vans
  • company car fleeto
  • coaches
  • tarpaulins

The cost of covering the vehicle depends on the design and the amount of material used to wrap the car, therefore the valuations are calculated individually. If you are interested, please contact us, we will prepare a price offer for you.

Advertisement assembly and dis assembly

We also assemble and disassemble commercials, signs and banners on the buildings and other places. The assembly of advertisements and banners also in locations difficult to reach or at height is not a problem for us, as we have the equipment and experience to face such challenges. Thanks to comprehensive services, we can design, print and install the advertisement. We are self-sufficient while assembling or disassembling the advertisement.

We offer:

  • assembly of banners, signs, 3D letters coffers
  • work at heights up to 4m as standard
  • refreshing and reworking old ads
  • additional assembly of led lighting
  • construction and assembly works

Contour stickers cutting

Making labels or stickers

You can order any number of stickers, from 1pc, of a size you need. You can choose circles, rectangles or any other irregular shape..

We can also cut the stickers into smaller sheets or individual pieces or make the bottom cut of the paper to make it easier to use.

Removing the foil

We also provide cleaning services aimed at removing foil from different surfaces. We use professional chemistry, which does not destroy the surface and removes the old one foil effectively, together with the glue.

We remove the film from various types of surfaces, including:

  • cars and vans
  • shop windows
  • plexi

Each order gets an individual calculation. If you have Any questions, please contact us.

Full color films plotting

We provide plotting / cutting foils service using the ORACAL / AVERY foil with a cutting plotter (120cm width).

We offer plotting for:

  • standard films (monomer, polymer, poured)
  • reflective films
  • "frozen glass" type foils
  • polyester / mirror like films: gold, silver chrome
  • tarpaulin / banner foils
  • translucent / coffered films
  • stained glass / transparent films

Additionally, we can also select and transfer with the foil to enable transfering the plaiting to the bonding surface.

CNC milling and engraving

There is also a professional machine for material processing CNC milling machine with engraving function in our machine park.

CNC machining works with the following materials:

  • plexiglass / various thicknesses
  • PVC plates / various thicknesses
  • composite dibond boards
  • wood
  • other plastics

We can perform the service with the material we pro vide or with the material delivered by the client.

The cost of the service depends on:

  • the type of material
  • material thickness
  • cutting line length

Cutting with a thermal plotter

We have a thermal plotter for cutting letters, styrodur and styrofoam blocks of various thicknesses.

We offer a cutting service for:

  • styrofoam / various thicknesses
  • styrodur / various thicknesses

You can also order a painting service with a selected color from the RAL template.

Coffers repair service

Do you have an old coffer? It is not glowing anymore, or maybe the face has already faded away?

We can repair it.

The service includes:

  • disassembly
  • cleaning and gluing the face
  • the face replacement with a new plexiglass / tubular polycarbonate plate
  • coffer housing painting
  • LED lighting replacement
  • assembly

You want to know more or need a pricing? Please, call us or write.

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